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Scratch Programming for Class 6

Code Your Future with Philomaths!

Let’s prepare your Programming from scratch to make your foundation strong with India’s Best Teachers.

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Our Coding classes for students in class 6th are designed to introduce programming languages and computational thinking.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your coding skills, our courses provide a structured and engaging learning experience.

What We Offer?

Languages We Offer

C Programming

Learn the basics of programming with the versatile and foundational language C. Master the fundamentals of algorithms and problem-solving.

C++ Programming

Delve into object-oriented programming with C++. Our expert tutors guide students through the intricacies of this widely-used language.

Java Programming

Discover the power of Java, a language known for its portability and versatility. Our classes cover everything from basic syntax to advanced concepts.

Python Programming

Dive into the world of Python, a language praised for its readability and simplicity. Our Python classes cover a range of applications, from web development to data science.

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Available Batches- 1 on 1 Classes

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Why Choose Philomaths for Coding Classes

Ask Unlimited Doubts

Don't sit calm until you get clear concepts. You can always raise hand to ask your doubts.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals and educators with a passion for teaching.

Hands-on Practice

Emphasis on practical exercises and projects to reinforce theoretical concepts.

Face to face Live Class

Real-time interaction, 5 times more engagement than video courses

Structured Curriculum

A carefully designed curriculum to gradually build coding proficiency.

Interactive Learning

Engaging sessions that encourage active participation and problem-solving.

Benefits of Learning Coding with Philomaths

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